Mastery Compostion + Cinematography

1. The arrange of elements

2. Composition of film

3. One method of the elements

4. 1/3

5. It need to be perfect.

6. It need to be straight.

7. Street lights and street branches

8. Use your frame to frame actors.

Formal Critique

The name of the piece is Basketball for a Batman by UlricLeprovost. It was created January 28, 2016 and publish in It is a Digital Art piece. I see snow in the background. It has lights in the left corner. The lights have the blueish white colors. Batman is standing and he is holding a basketball. Batman is black colored and the basketball is orange colored. There is a basketball hoop in the drawing. The basketball hoop is big and has snow. It has an unidentifiable shape in the background on the left. It looks to look like black color.

The three elements of design that this painting use well are Space, Value, and Form. The first element of design is Value. Value is the lightness and darkness in a painting. This painting shows value in it’s snow and ice. It pops out around the hoop and at the light. The next element of design is Space. It is balanced because Batman and the hoop share the same amount of space. Lastly this painting uses Form as an element of design. It looks like Batman is the closer to us than the hoop. The painting has perspective.

Lastly the two Principles of Design used in this painting are Balance and Emphasis. The picture is balanced and symmetrical. There is a focal area: Batman. He is closest to us and emphasized.

Great Blue Heron Egret In South Florida Formal Critique


The name of the painting is Great Blue Heron Egret In South Florida.  I see the sunset. It has trees in the background. It has plants. And it has a bird. The colors I see are green, yellow, orange, blue, white, gray, and black.  The bird is standing in the middle of the plants. I don’t know what the bird is looking at. The artist is unknown. It was created between 2000-now. The medium is oil. It is a painting of a bird in the style of realism.



I did the trees in two different colors. In the color scheme I chose monochromatic and warm colors. I chose monochromatic  because it is two different colors.It looks like an animated picture. I like it when it looks like an animated picture. I chose warm colors because it has three colors. It looks nice. It looks like you’d like to rest under the tree. I used monochromatic, warm colors, and analogous. The best work of design is the warm colors. Because it is like Summer.